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    ^ An Orloff Cockeral
    Orloff Chickens
    Orloffs were developed in the Persian Gulf. They are named for Count Orloff- Techesmensky. They are fairly tall birds. The have a game-bird appearance. They have a brow, beard, & also muffs. Their temperment is usually calm. They are slow to mature. Very hardy. Usually raised for meat. The hens lay light brown eggs. Available as bantams and standard size.
    Standard size cock- weighs usually somewhere around 8 pounds
    Standard Hen- weighs usually somewhere around 6 1/2 pounds
    Bantam cock- weighs usually somewhere around 33 oz.
    Bantam Hen- weighs usually somewhere around 30 oz.

    Orloffs come in 3 different color variaties.
    1. Black-tailed Red
    2. Spangled
    They have small walnut combs. Very small wattle & earlobes.
    Very Rare.

    ^ The above illustration shows a Orloff cock & hen
    Under Construction.

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