Orpington Black Blue Splash

By rebel yell · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. rebel yell

    black blue splash Created by rebel yell
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    I have had the English Orps. now for about 9 months & they are by far the best breed to me that they are, the temperments are so easy going & they make any yard look good, best of all they make me happy, many thank to Joy Atkens for her help in getting me started in this wonderfull breed, they are the best.





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  1. cluckfan
    I love my orps. I have a blue roo that is just turning 7 months old Several black and Blue hens and now I have a trio of splash Orps One Disney hen and two more from good stock. They are under six months old. Looking forward to eggs from all this spring, Want to use my silkies to hatch them. Wonder if it will work?
  2. honeyb
  3. Twisted-Rooster
    Just hatched my first BBS...2 blue 3 black and 2 splash..too young to tell sex yet!!
  4. laseterlass
    My splashes,black and blue all came from the same trio of blues. It like Christmas morning every time they hatch! You never know what your going to get!
  5. Roxannemc
    I am very taken by the beautiful Lavender and Blue orps
    Question about the blue orps .SO GORGEOUS Someplace i thought i read they dont breed true but the lavenders do. So do you get white with splash and some blue or black and some blue or always black or a variety when you breed 2 blues.?Just curious.
  6. steelersfan43
    I love the look of the blue and splash orpingtons and we really enjoy breeding these birds.
  7. MamaNini
    I love the look of the blues. I saw one at a fair last summer and it was love at first sight. I have my first blues and splashes in the brooder righ now.
    Any tips on type and coloring that is needed for showing?
  8. Renie'sPeeps
    Did you find the eggs you wanted? I am have some availble for sale
  9. chocolate1
    I am new to the Orpingtons but I am desperate to find someone that has hatching eggs. I live in Metropolis Illinois and I have ordered 12 eggs in the Lavender but my passion is the blues and splashes. If anyone has some that you know of PLEASE email me so I can get these guys. My grandkids are looking forward to having them. Thanks again, Happy hatching Karen

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