Buff Created by littlecreekfarm
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Buff Orpingtons orginated in the town of Orpington in England. They lay medium-large brown eggs and you can expect around 5-7 eggs a week. They have a single comb, white/horn colored legs and beak,and a red earlobe. They are very friendly and love to cuddle! They weigh around 8-10 lbs but some can be lighter or heavier than that weight. If you plan on showing your buff make sure you keep her/him out of direct sunlight for the sun can lighten the buff color. They have a lot of fluff(fluffy feathers around legs and rear)so therefore that makes them larger than they really are. Buffs should hold their wings tight against their body. Overall buffs are an excellent layer, pet, or broiler!




Description / Information


8 mon​

a 8 month old buff hen out free-ranging.​


8 wee​

Young buff pullet at 8 weeks​


5 wee​

Orpingtons are very friendly and cuddly​


3 wee​

3 week old buff pullet​