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Other Backyard Fowl - Ducks, Quail, Turkeys, Geese, Etc.

Ducks, Peafowl, Geese, Quail and Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Pigeons and other birds.
By BYC Support, Feb 5, 2015 | Updated: Sep 4, 2016 | | |
  1. BYC Support



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  1. Miss Lydia
    I use this alot for members looking for answers to their questions. A great resource.
      KikisGirls likes this.
  2. sourland
    Another great BYC resource.
  3. LeafBlade12345
    Love the quail section!
  4. Butteryscotch
    Or Emu's/Ostriches/Rheas?
    Great new set up!
  5. 26peeps
    How about a section on Partridges/Chukars?
  6. Farkha Laziza
    @sumi I second the request for a section on pigeons.
  7. ChickyChickens
    Aweosme addidtion to the learning centre!
  8. sumi
    @lightchick , if we can get enough articles written on pigeons, we can add a section for them as well.
  9. lightchick
    Does it have a section for pigeons?
  10. Lilorp14
    i used to raise bobwhite quail to replenish the population... i really want to get some wild phesants

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