Other Pets
Here are our other babies! I'll write some more information about them soon!

Feral - our fat cat:

Feral is Mammas’ son (she’s the next cat down on this page) and he is absolutely gigantic. I have had cats all my life, and this one has really changed the way I deal them, let me tell you. This boy’s fatty eating disorder has made it so I have to feed the kitties specific amounts of food only in the morning and at night, I have to separate them all at eating time, and I can’t just leave food out all day like I always have. Feral will eat till he throws up. Sigh. I’ve never had a cat with this problem before.
He also has other issues… For example, if my husband and I are gone for more than a few hours and we forgot to close the windows, he rips holes in the screen to get out (or to get back into the house if we left him out). He also likes to destroy the weather stripping on the front door. He loves water – he gets into the shower with me a lot, and he jumps in the swimming pool in the summer, so the “spray-bottle” technique doesn’t work.
Well anyway, whatever his difficulties, we sure do love him. He’s still our baby boy.


Mamma - our suburban stray:

Mammas was a stray picked up by my sister in law some time ago. Unfortunately, my sister in law didn’t realize that she was pregnant and quickly dropped her off on us when they realized they couldn’t take care of her. Of her kittens we kept Feral and the others have been distributed to family. She is a tiny cat – you can’t tell by the picture but she is truly a little dwarf. She weighs practically nothing and has stayed in “kitten” size her whole life.
This girl is definitely mine – she does not like anyone else in the house, animal or person. She cuddles up with me every night and whenever I’m home. She absolutely despises my husband and she hisses at all the other cats and the dog. We’ve had to move everything around for her with time, because she just never got along with anyone else. Fang, our other cat, pretty much lives outside now, and so does the dog. Our cats Duffy and Wikka have moved into the other house on our property. In the end, everyone is happy except for an occasional spat on the porch.


Fang - our hunter

I have had Fang for many years – in fact I’m sure he’s getting on in age now and he probably won’t be with us for too many more years. I hate to think of it! We adopted him from the SPCA when he was a little kink-tailed kitten. He was so adorable! He loves to be outside – he only comes in with us when it’s very cold or if he wants to be pet for a bit but then he’s out on the hunt again. I think he’s pretty much destroyed our gopher population out here, which is actually sort of nice. He kills an awful lot of snakes too – my little killer. He’ll always be my very favorite of our kitties, though he requires the least care.
Duffy - our little dumbie:

Duffy was another stray from suburbia. I found him with two swollen and infected holes in his side from being shot with a BB gun. He was so starved that he was barely moving and you could see all of his ribs. He was declawed so he was unable to find and kill anything to eat.
Now he’s much chunkier and happier! He loves to play outside, though we have strict rules that he has to be in by 7:30 every evening. Out here it would be extremely dangerous for a declawed cat to be out at night. He definitely has a couple of screws loose, I think from starving for so long. He’s just….sort of….stupid. But, in any case we love him and all of his silly antics! He’s become an important part of the family!


Wikka - our scaredy cat:

Wikka was a pound kitten – we’ve had him for the second longest (after Fang). He’s really a priss, and only goes outside for about an hour a day. He is a little king and often changes taste in what food he’ll eat or whether he will put up with you petting him. He generally spends most of his day hiding under the bed or relaxing near the windowsill. He never grew terribly fond of me, I have to say. He’s a very independent boy who doesn’t want anything to do with humans. But, it makes sharing a home with him hassle-free!


Tila - our pup:

My husband found Tila half dead attached to a pole in a yard with about three feet of rope. That she was often beaten was pretty readily apparent. Anyhow he asked the owners if he could take her the moment he saw her, and not surprisingly they didn’t care one way or the other. Since then she’s been a happy, healthy, loyal puppy. She is more of a “guard dog” type, which I don’t really like. Well, I like having a guard dog but I don’t like that people are afraid of our dog.
While she is very sweet to us she does not like strangers, and she especially does not like men. We think this is because it was a man beating her. Anyhow it takes her about 10 minutes to warm up to someone completely, and before the 10 minutes is up it really seems like she would bite their arms off. After the initial meeting she always remembers that person though, like an elephant. If she seems them three years later she will still run up to them happily wagging her tail.
I can’t really get mad at her, seeing as I know what she’s been through. She’s never hurt anyone – just growls very scarily. She loves the cats dearly, and protects them from eachother’s moody bouts oftentimes. When Mammas jumps on Tila’s face trying to claw out her eyes Tila never bites her, just swings her off and runs away. She’s a good girl, truly. I can’t imagine why anyone would have hurt her.

Marble - RIP 2010 - Our little girl, you will be missed:

Marble was my dog since we bought her as a puppy when I was ten years old. She died in 2010 – we had to put her to sleep because she had cancer of the throat and she could no longer breathe. She was living as if she was constantly choking and we just couldn’t let it happen anymore. She was a good girl – though she had many health problems. I will never get another pure-bred, little dog. The poor things have their bodies absolutely destroyed with age! Marble will be missed – she was my very first dog, and I think of her every single day.

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