32732_121425.jpg 32732_121420.jpg
This is what the yard looked like before we started building.
32732_121313.jpg 32732_193704.jpg
32732_195954.jpg 32732_193651.jpg
Its comming together great !

32732_193709.jpg 32732_204916.jpg

32732_204703.jpg 32732_204629.jpg
Here are our 1st batch of chicks . We went to get 5 or 6 white rocks and came home with 9 chick ( they were just too cute )
they are only a week old and starting to feather out all ready
32732_184825.jpg 32732_184714.jpg
The window that over looks where the run will be is bigger than the main window in our living room
32732_181634.jpg 32732_184732.jpg
even our youngest helped
32732_184646.jpg 32732_184559.jpg
Well we now have it closed in ( good thing too we have rain comming )
I think Hubby did a great job. We all helped , but he did most of it

124501.jpg 124457.jpg
Here are the poop boards, or should I say swings lol , hubby made them so they can come off of easy cleaning . We can unhook them and wash them right off .

124422.jpg 124417.jpg
We made just the 4 nesting boxes and the boards on the front drop down for easy cleaning

124213.jpg 124317.jpg
here are our roof vents, they are made so we can adj the air flow in the coop they can be open to a 2 foot wide vent

124203.jpg 124120.jpg

here is a close up of one of the swings lol we put them on 3 sides of the coop for the girls and a pic of 3 of my girls ( or at least I hope they are girls )

124526.jpg 124719.jpg

this is a pic of my fav, the little cornish ( she is a saucy one too but love's to be picked up and patted ) but she did not want to leave my feet when she was put in the coop, it was like she was saying there is too much room in here and Im scaried.
We made the inside of the coop white with blue trim and will be painting the outside blue with white trim. Now we just need to build the run
I will post the new pics over the next couple of days .. had most of them on here when I closed the wrong window and lost all my work ...grrrr