Our 3rd and final coop? Maybe?

By Basskids08 · May 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Basskids08
    We had a contractor come build us a coop and I wanted so many things that didn't get put into this but it is solid and predator proof. After all was said and done it cost a little over $2000.00. I thought it was a little much but apparently carpenters are expensive. Anyway this is it.


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    An update on how this is working out would be nice!
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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Looks great!
  2. Basskids08
    I'm not 100% sure! will go out after the rain today and measure. Right now I have 29 10-12 week olds in there and there is a lot of room still.
  3. kimthom66
    How big is your run and how many chickens?
  4. teneyck farms
    more pics please

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