Not to neglect our adults, here is their page.

While we were assembling their future coop, they came curious and interested to investigate what we were doing. They were bold and unafraid of the nail guns, wood cutting, loud bangs and clangs of work.

My neighbor bought me these chickens because her lab had eaten a few of my former chickens. Now our fence is predator proofed, and the chickens are thriving happily. They were certainly confident enough to inspect our workmanship on their house.

Our hens and cockerels love gazing at themselves in the mirror in their enclosed run.


Making herself a very cozy dust bath in my flower bed. Very nice.

whatchya looking at? (Update - this turned out to be a buff orp fella, he was aggressive, and we sold him off)

My white rock hen in her dirt bath

Taking dirt baths in the run enclosure


Smokey watching over his fav hens while they forage




My show quality Cochins - Bluebell (blue cochin pullet) and Dottie (splash Cochin pullet)

Ashley snuggling up to a hen while he soaks up the sun's rays. He is bloody in the pic because he had been dueling with Smokey for dominance.

My Delaware hen, a great consistent egg producer, even in winter

Buff Orp hen preening herself

Dottie, my splash hen Cochin

Blue Silkie pullet

One of my fav black silkie pullets

Kimi watches over his flock

A partridge silkie. Still a juvenile. The silkies are slower to mature. Can't wait till they are full grown to see their plumage.