Our Back Yard Is Now Great Psycotherapy

By sherbiej · Sep 30, 2012 · ·
  1. sherbiej
    Hi backyard chicken family! I have just hatched!!!!!!
    It's all my daughters fault of course. We went to a national chain feed store this spring to get horse supplies and left with 3 very sick baby bantam chicks. The sales person in charge of the chicks told us that they would be thrown in the trash because they were too sick to live. My daughter and I decided that was not an option so we convinced the store to give the chicks to us and we took them home along with lights, electrolytes, chick starter etc. (forgot the horse stuff though). We did our best but only one lived. Of course you can not raise only one 2 day old baby chick so back to the store for more!
    Now we have 7 and they are 6 months old: [​IMG] 4 hens and 3 roosters. So far they all get along well.


    I now have a new daily routine. In the morning I sit in the backyard with our chickens and drink my coffee and let them "talk" to me!. They are the best therapy I have ever had (with or without a prescription!) In the evening the whole family joins me, even a few of the dogs, and we laugh out loud until we are sore.
    Each chick has it's own unique personality: willie (millie fleur) likes to sit on my chair and talk to me, hibachi (Japanese rooster) likes to play fight and stand in my hand. He follows me everywhere. Blue (unknown breed) likes to jump on my back and crow!.
    They are all very spoiled chickens and we love them very much!

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  1. Chickawawa
    We are brand new to chickens but I know just what you mean! I LOVE just sitting and watching them interact with each other. My goal is to have one sit in my lap while I drink my coffee on our deck but the silly things are won't go up into the enclosed part of the tractor where I can get to them easily!
    Adorable bantams by the way! My kids are trying to talk me into getting some!
  2. mo puff
    Love your story and MY what cute chics you have!

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