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By Finding Fifth · Jan 21, 2013 · Updated Jan 26, 2013 · ·
  1. Finding Fifth

    We are very new to chickens and pets. In fact they are our first pet as a family. They came with the 5 acre property we purchased in December. And we just love them! We never knew that chickens had such personality. The original 3 hens are - Washington (light Sussex), Breanna (Isa Brown) and Coolie (Barnevelder).

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    Then one of our moving men gave us his rooster and hen. They have integrated into the flock very well. There's Obama (an Australorp) and Silver MacGregor (we think he is a Crele Leghorn).

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    And then we lost one. Not sure if it was the extremely hot weather, a wet bottom, a stuck egg or something internal but she was dead in the bottom of the coop a day after this photo was taken. It was very sad to lose her. Not only for the kids but also because I felt like I had let Coolie down. Blogged at http://findingfifth.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/dealing-with-death.html


    But the three hens are very cuddly and they tolerate being picked up any time of the day. The rooster is very well loved by his harem and us.

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