Our BCM X Chickens!

By harmesonfarm · Aug 27, 2016 · Updated Sep 27, 2016 · ·
  1. harmesonfarm
    Here's our flock so far, we'll be adding newbies near the end of this year / beginning of new year.
    Just got some eggs in the incubator now ready for a hatch on september 14th! (hopefully!!)

    These 8 are all bcm crosses, rooster was a bcm mothers were of varying breeds.

    Mr. Gimpy our cockerel

    Amber our pullet closest looking to a bcm, too much copper leakage to be true though. she does lay some nice dark eggs though.


    The twins (haha) Lily and Gracie

    Lynx, she lays our darkest egg

    Ms. Lemon, getting ready to lay

    The ever so sassy, Ms. Maggie May

    They are all still pullets for now (same age as our cockerel.) about 24-26 weeks now.

    Their favourite snacks include our organic scratch we give them and all the weeds that i get out of our garden! I've tried giving them vegetable scrap leaves, etc. but their favourites are the weeds. I really don't mind, works great for me!

    The way we garden now is in the spring we make rows after tilling everything down. Then, through the spring, summer, etc. I allow weeds to grow in between the garden rows and keep them trimmed down to feed to the chickens. This way, I can allow a green mulch to grow, supply good food flowers and a variety of sources to our local bees, and invite all sorts of bugs and worms to make homes in our garden.

    It's a great system, and seems to work so far. I keep the weeds out of the rows, the garden is growing great (except we don't have it fenced off yet so we do have a deer and a rabbit that do like to graze) and were keeping a natural ecosystem about, which makes the chickens pretty happy... happy chickens, happy farmer!

    We recently caught Gimpy and Lemon in some Perfect Action poses...

    Ms. Lemon the ballerina!

    Gimpy swishing those wattles elegantly...

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  1. twisted-acres-farm
    Love Mr Gimpy very handsome.
  2. RodNTN

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