Minnie's Flock

Hi, I will be writing the rest of my chickens and guineas on this page, but I wanted to get started. We know you can't tell very easily on the genders while they are young, but we usually just go back the attuide of the bird, and name them that way, but we pick names that can be changed if they turn out to be a rooster, or a hen instead of what we were thinking.

This is Minnie, And she's the one with the broken leg, and crooked toes. She's a buff silkie, and is about almost eight weeks I think. She is friendly, gentle, quiet, and kind. She is very, very attached to Tweety(Silkie, buff, same age as her) and loves him to death.
We will be taking her to the vet here soon to see how her leg is. You can see the broken leg in this picture, it's the left leg. She is also missing a toe on her broken leg, she just has a stub where the toe is. She, and Tweety have the most personality out of all our birds.. She likes to sit in your lap for short periods of time. UPDATE: We took her to the vet, and it turns out that she actually has two broken legs, though the left leg, I think is dislocated, and has a break lower down, but I'm not sure... Update as of 8/10/11, She passed away 8/5/11 from coccidosis, and now Tweety has it, but is getting much better everyday.

*I will upload a pic of her later.*
This is Tweety, And he makes the loudest clucking sound when you pick him up. He also is loud, gets bored easily, and is demanding... He likes to peck at your fingers/anything colorful or shiny, and is smart. He tries to figure out things, like how to get out of the brooder. He also eat a LOT. He's curious about things. He's just mostly a silly silkie.

*I will upload a pic of him later.*

This little fella is named Halo, and is a partridge silkie who is around 13 days, if I remember correctly. He gets his name from the marking on his head, looking like a halo. You can kind of see it in the picture.


This is Chance, a partridge silkie about 13 days old, same as the above chick. How he got his name, is I was sitting on the couch with all of them, and I was just watching because I could not figure out a name, and "Chance" popped into my mind, and I thought that he did look like a Chance. He out of all of the younger silkies, has the biggest topknot on his head..



This cutie is Minnie the second, She got her name from Minnie, a buff silkie who passed away 8/5/11 from coccidosis. I named her that because her face is so similar to Minnie's. She is a red silkie, about 13 days.


This is another red silkie, 13 days, named Fluffball. I didn't name him, my sister did. I'm guessing he got his name from his head being fluffy?



This is a chocolate-brownish colored showgirl. I don't know the real name to the color. This one's name is Vegas. At first while looking at differant breeds before we got started in chickens, my mom said, "No showgirls." My mom has a thing for very fluffy animals(silkie chickens, shih tzu dogs, jersey wooly rabbits, we have all of em'. haha.) and she didn't like how the neck looked. So when we went to just pick up the silkies above, and saw all the showgirls, my mom told me after she was secretly in her head hoping me and my sister would pick out a showgirl, because when she seen them up close, my mom changed her mind.
And that's how we got two showgirls.



This is another chick that my sister named, she named her Black Beauty. She is a black showgirl, but has some white under her wings and on her legs. and is very, very tiny but talkactive. even when she chirps, it sounds very quiet because she's so tiny.
She is my second favorite chick, my first is Chance.