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Our Chicken Coop Gors Through Changes

  1. Gramma Chick
    Our Chicken Coop Goes Through Changes
    Our 1st coop .4 foot x 4 foot
    Next we added a permanent run with a partial roof on top over the raised coop
    Snow came in the part that wasnt covered with roof ...it did have a tarp over it ..which had to be cleaned off ..
    so it didnt collapse.it wasnt totally inclosed so it didnt keep heat in and melt the snow off like a hoop coop does

    Nesting boxes were in the run


    the next year we decided to put a roof on the whole run
    we added boards on the sides and the run became our coop

    the old coop became our hen house / nesting boxes

    We split the coop /run into 2 sections
    Baby coop on the left ,,Adult Section on the right

    For the winter the coop gets plastic on the outside and all the chickens will go in the adult coop .

    The Baby coop is lined with plastic too and becomes bed storage for the winter
    This is our coop now - baby coop on the left , then adult coop then hen house inside the adult coop

    I hope this gives people ideas as how they can work with what they have & Grow the coop too [​IMG]

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  1. Gramma Chick
    Thank you ...My hubbys Idea !
    Wow! This is very impressive. I like the storage for the winter in the baby coop. I'd like to strive for that.
  3. Gramma Chick
    I got to measure it ..to tell for sure ...LOL..it is probably 6 foot
  4. Purpletie3
    Nice job Gramma. How tall is the right side where it attaches to your garage?

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