Our Chicken Coop!

By Pepper4805 · Aug 4, 2018 · ·
  1. Pepper4805
    Hi, This is our chicken coop. This took approximately a week to build. we came up with this idea off the top of our head and built it how we liked. right now it has six pheasants inside of it but we may add some more by next year. we built it out of plywood and then added on some bords to make it look nicer and then added on a nesting box. on the front we added on a cute window and some shutters and a flower box. it is on some stands and it is about a foot and a half off the ground. it has an eight foot by four foot by eight-foot run and a cute door to let the chickens out. on the front/side of the chicken coop as you can see on the pictures I attached there is a cute barn door. it is shingled. on the inside, all that is has is some perches and a little vent on the side. thanks for taking your time to look at our coop!

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  1. Anonymous
    "Nice Coop Design"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 7, 2018
    Overall, a nice coop design. Wondering about ventilation, maybe it's there but doesn't show in the photos?
    1. Pepper4805
      there is a Hole in the side of the coop with mesh over it that is always open and the window is open most of the time. :)
  2. MROO
    "Pheasant coop - nice design"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 5, 2018
    This coop has a "different" look to it than most - and I like it! I would like to see a bit more on how you predator-proofed it.
    1. Pepper4805
      At night we put them in the coop and close the door and it also always has a hotwire around it we also have the great Pyrenees that protects them the door in the run closes and any animal that touches the hotwire won't come back to the coop. The hotwire is a pretty high voltage hotwire.


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  1. N F C
    I've never raised pheasants but looks like you did a good job of building them a coop!
    1. Pepper4805
      Aww, thank you so much!
      N F C likes this.

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