29 March 2010 -
Best FREE ever. brooder
My first chick - Logan, hanging out in the clean side of the duplex.

Miss Clarice - I love her yellow "eyebrow". (turned out to be a rooster!)

MAY 26, 2011 - The girls are happy and thriving. They love canteloupe, sunflower seeds, bread scraps - and almost anything green I throw in their run. They give me 2-4 eggs a day. Each chicken has a distinct egg shape, size and color. I have 2 nest boxes - they all lay in the same one right on top of each other.

Miss Emmadine consistently lays a small light brown egg with a pointy end. I think she's my prettiest chicken.

Miss Betsey Miss Emmadine All 6 girls My Columbians and SLW's

Girl's first day out in their run.
They promptly ate the resident spiders and found a few grubs for snacks. Noodles the Mini Dachshund's first "close" encounter with the girls. All I can say is that i'm glad there was wire between them!
MAY 30, 2010 - my how they have grown... The grass in the run didn't last long. It got gross fast, and is now covered with a 4-5" layer of sand. Highly recommend it! Scoops clean like kitty litter and a sprinkle of DE keeps the smell down.

Stella, Betsey & Ruthie (turned out to be a Rupert!)
Betsey, Clarice (Clarence), Mabel & Stella on their run roost.

JULY 1, 2010 - I was right (darn it) not only is Clarice a Clarence, Ruthie is a Rupert!!! Both my Sliver Laced Wyandottes turned out to be roosters. Darn the luck - they were so pretty! Boo hoo it will be sad to see my boys go. The boys were "adopted out" after a Craigslist posting - and hopefully not in a stewpot for someone's dinner tonight.