My dad made our chicken pen out of old drilling rods and chicken wire. It has a gate for us to get in and out to feed and water them. There is a hole and a covered walkway for them to get into their "house". Inside the house is laying boxes and poles for them to roost on. It is made out of an old shed that also has a door so that we can get inside to clean and gather eggs. Here are some pictures... Enjoy!
A few inside looks at our chicken "house"

The outside of the house or as we call it our "Little Red Barn"

The pen area of their run and the walkway to the house. We have Virgina Creeper vines along the outside (will be planting more next year) but they provide great shade from our hot desert summer sun!

The whole shebang!

And lastly.... A picture of my girls. I swear they think they are part duck! They love to run in a puddle of water.