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Our Chicky boy and girlies

By shellybell35 · Jan 17, 2014 · Updated Jan 17, 2014 · ·
  1. shellybell35


    We have quite a group of chickens. It all started with my youngest son deciding he wanted a chicken for his birthday. My brother gave us an older rooster which was a barred rock mix sadly he passed away last month. Then to add to our flock because my oldeset son wanted a chicken our Amish friends gave us a golden comet. She has been a great laying hen usually except for the colder weather we have got an egg a day. Then we decided to add to our flock we got tow young pullets which were a saipan cross with rhode island red sadly we lost one to a predator. My oldest son was fascinated with the hens that lay the blue and green eggs and unexpectedly we found them we had an araucana but she passed away....so then we got two young americauna pullets we are waiting to get eggs from them...to see the color =). So yesterday we got a brand new rooster he is 5 months old and is a dominique and rhode island red mix. He threw the group into an uproar the queen didnt like him so we had to move them around in the coops today in the smaller coops we put the 2 laying hens they both were being mean to the younger chickens and the younger hens and our new little guys we put in the bigger cage so far everything is working out. They love meal worm treats apple peelings cane stalk tops and plenty of grass besides their normal food.
    Their names are unique as they are too, our golden comet is chloe our saipan mix is melissa, one americauna is brownie she is more brown and black and the other americauna is oreo she is more of black and white mix with highlights of brown and our rooster the dom/rhodeisland red mix is patches. Our two that passed the rooster his name wsa Buddy and the other saipan mix was snowflake. They are fun to watch and they see me coming with food and they start talking and squawking ready for their meals. When somebody they dont know comes into the backyard where they are at they will start squawking too to let us know somebody strange to them is around my dad walked to the backyard and they went crazy fussing over somebody different. This spring we are also going to try for the first time to see if we can hatch some chicks it will be a new adventure for us to learn about and try !

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