My husband and son built this coop entirely from recycled wood and recycled "stuff". They bought one concrete block (they already had the others needed to support the floor) and the screws and nails. The roof was leftover from our house shingles...when we had our roof replaced from Hurricane Ivan.

(I do not have any plans since it was made without a plan in sight and was designed as it was built.)

This is the left side run that runs behind our workshop:

This is the left side run showing the entrance into the main coop (this is all protected):

Here is the area to the right of the coop:

This is the run to the right of the coop.

Our chickens get to free roam during the day and here is part of their area:

My son gathers feathers and sticks them in the screen on the door on the run. It is beautiful to see...they blow in the wind: