Our Playhouse Coop

After we hatched our chickens, we knew that we needed to get working on a coop for them, since they grow quickly. Initially we were going to build a smaller tractor coop, but we ended up needing more space than that. So we decided to convert a playhouse from a swingset that was getting old.

(Note: this isn't ours, just an example of what it did look like originally...no before pictures.)

So we started by drawing up plans (sorry not here yet) and getting a general idea of what to do. Also had to collect some materials, but did use some materials that were lying around. We ended up buying some 2x4s, a couple sheets of particle board, vents, red paint, and all of the wire mesh. We decided to cut the bottom sandbox part off and change the roof to have a single slope like a lean-to. We used particle board for the walls and ended up using leftover shingles on the roof. The last picture is the (current) finished product, although I'm sure that we will continue to make improvements and try to beautify the area.


The pen is 2x4s and wire mesh (can't remember what kind). The door had to be small because we were a little low on 2x4s and didn't want to get more. The corner braces did come from the original playhouse walls.

Thus far we've found that with all of the rain that we've had recently, the area inside the pen is extremely muddy (poor planning on our part) We did form an out area with only one level of wire fence and no top. Only one chicken has gotten out so far, and couldn't figure out how to get back in, but we let them out there a few times a week for more room and green grass. We have also been putting straw in the pen to have a more solid footing for when we open the chicken door.
[8-21-11 Update]: The coop is pretty much the same, as is the enclosed run. The outer run area has been moved to allow for grass regrowth. We also bought taller green fencing that our chicken can't get out of. Overall, happy with the coop and run. It does still get muddy when it rains a lot, but it doesn't seem to bother the chickens too much.