Our Coop for 30 Chickens!

By JamSue · Jun 27, 2013 · Updated Jul 2, 2013 · ·
  1. JamSue
    Been browsing this site for a while, and this year, we were able to build our chicken coop.

    It's 8x12, built for 30 chickens, we are raising 25 Cornish Giants as broilers and 5 Brown Leghorns for eggs. The coop sits on pressure treated 4x4s with a 2x6 floor. The walls are 2x4s and the roof rafters are 2x6s. We live in Alberta, Canada, and our winters get quite cold, so we decided to insulate it to make it nicer during the cold winter days. The front wall is 8' high, and the other 3 are 6'. We decided to put up tin roofing as it'll last much longer and much easier to install.

    The run is roughly 2500sq ft. It's large, for a couple reasons - it was the easiest area to position the post pounder which was a trailer like unit hooked up to the back of the truck, also, we have 3 acres and we placed a coop in the far back corner which is space we don't use.

    Anyway, here's some of the pics we have so far.



    Here are some new pictures showing the coop run as well as the chicks enjoying the outdoors


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  1. JamSue
    here's how to make the waters
  2. desertegg
    So professional looking! can you explain the waterers made out of pop bottles?
  3. NovaAman
    I like it.
  4. joan1708
    very nice. You didn't want to paint the inside?
  5. ChemicalchiCkns
    W00t Canadian cycens
  6. CarolinaHens
    Nicely done. Looks like your chicks will be very comfortable in their new home this winter. Love seeing them all crowded around the feeder.

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