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By dixiechick · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. dixiechick
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Welcome to Graceland[/FONT]
    (A coop fit for our Elvis!)
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Bear in mind, we live in the sultry south....FLORIDA. The warm breezes allow for an open coop design. Great for airing out anything smelly, and keeping our flock cool. It also allows for sunrays to reach our feathered friends.
    This is a view of the front:[/FONT]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] The overall size of the coop is 6' deep x 12' wide, making each bay 6'x4'. At the tallest point, the coop stands 7' tall, making the doors easy for us to walk in and take care of our chicken business. We installed an electric fence around the base with the main unit inside the coop for weatherproofing. This also allowed us to add a light in the middle bay for night time, if needed.
    Since it's construction, we added access doors from bay-to-bay so that we can open the coop up to the whole flock, or sequester as needed for those broody girls.
    :This is a side view

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    how much did it cost you to make this? I am looking into making something similar to keep my three cockerels separate.

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