Our Coop Run

By JoeOxfordCT · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. JoeOxfordCT
    Hi All,
    We had had chickens previously when we lived at other houses but this was to be our first crack at it here in Oxford, CT. Our lot is a little over an acre and a half at the end of a dead end.

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  1. Thefarmersmistress
    Greetings Joe, My husband and I are both 4-H Poultry leaders and live in Oxford CT. We are doing a 2 year poultry project with the members called "Genetics - Changing the color of the egg shell". We are looking for an older female Ameraucana, or Aruacana that is still laying eggs. I have a French Black Copper Maran roo that we are planning on breeding with a white egg layer, a blue egg layer and a green egg layer. We are attempting to change the color of the egg shell in the future generations by breeding the daughters back to the father and the sons back to the mother to watch genetics in actions. A male roo has 2 genes that contribute to the color of the egg shell and fathers pass genes to daughters while mothers pass genes to sons. Wondering if you have any still laying older hens to either donate to our project or sell at a reasonable price. Found your name on internet while hunting Araucanas "joeoxfordct"

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