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Designing & building our own chicken coop
By Helicopter Mom · Mar 7, 2019 · ·
  1. Helicopter Mom
    Once we decided to increase our flock from 4 to 17 birds, we realized we needed to have more substantial housing and run space for everyone. We were on a deadline to have everything completed by September when our brood would be ready to stay outdoors permanently. We started with design ideas from various YouTube videos and my talented fiance used CAD software to design and build our new coop. This was a total DIY project from start to finish. We are really proud of the end result and the birds seem to enjoy it as well.

    Sorry the pictures are not in any particular order!! 20180715_115210.jpg 20180715_130530.jpg 20180717_191350.jpg 20180717_191404.jpg 20180717_191431.jpg 20180721_154657.jpg 20180721_154711.jpg 20180722_110842.jpg 20180722_110855.jpg 20180722_110908.jpg 20180812_155452.jpg 20180812_155459.jpg 20180812_155618.jpg 20180812_155637.jpg 20180812_155652.jpg 20180812_155706.jpg 20180826_114736.jpg 20180826_114743.jpg 20180826_114755.jpg 20180826_115238.jpg 20180826_115246.jpg 20180826_115303.jpg 20180904_182712.jpg

    UPDATE: Since going through our first winter with the coop, we do have to redesign some areas in order to make them work better. Primarily the entry door into the coop itself for the chickens.

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  1. Aunt Angus
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 11, 2019
    I know you say the pictures aren't in any particular order, but they tell the story well. The pictures really show how you pieced the coop together and gave me some ideas how to renovate my coop! Thank you for sharing, and good job on your coop!
  2. cluckmecoop7
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 11, 2019
    Great work!
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  3. MROO
    "Good Pictorial on a Great Coop Build!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 8, 2019
    This is a great set of pictures documenting the building of a very nice coop and run. What specific modifications did you decide to do after that first winter?
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    1. Helicopter Mom
      We want to change the entry door for the chickens into the coop. Currently it slides in a track but it's constantly getting stuck and bedding, etc. keep building up in the track. Thinking about a hinged door that we can lock at night and possibly a screen door for summer. We're still thinking on what we would like to do and don't have any exact design ideas just yet. :)


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  1. Helicopter Mom
    Thanks for all the feedback to my first article post. The long walls and floor are 4x8, the short walls are 4x4 and the roof section 2ft tall on side facing the run. We used decking concrete bases leveled with sand and pea gravel to support the 6x6 corner posts. We chose to go with these bases to avoid having to dig holes and pour concrete. The walls and floors are all 2x3 studding at 16" on center. We tried to design the walls and floor in such a fashion we could use as many whole 4x8 sheets of wafer board as possible.

    For the run, we used treated lumber for the run along with hardware cloth and chicken wire. Across the top we did place anti-predator netting. The run ended up being 8x8 in size with 2x4's at 24" on center. We chose to add a solar powered electric poultry fence (100' length) to create a temporary run off the 8x8 permanent run. This way we can easily move the electric fence around and still give the birds access from the main run by way of the small door at the front of the run.

    Rough material list:
    • (7) sheets of OSB
    • (3) 6x6x8
    • (40+) 2x3x8 (untreated)
    • (4) 4x4x8 (treated)
    • (20+) 2x4x8 (treated)
    • hardware cloth
    • chicken wire
    • construction screws
    • concrete deck supports
    • sand
    • pea gravel
    • various latches/hinges
    • 12" common spikes (drive into ground to secure base of main run)
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  2. N F C
    Very nice!
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