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    Name: Tomas Taylor
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    History: TBR
    Personality: A uplifting person, pretty cheerful, and kind and helpful to others
    Description: 6'1 with light tan skin and a muscular build. He has sky blue eyes hair and short blonde hair.
    Color of wings: His wings have the same coloration of a scarlet macaw's wings.
    Weapon: a shotgun and a hand gun
    Username: Frost bite88

    Name: Athena Rodgers
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    History: TBR
    Personality: Quick to jump to conclusions, A little loud, bold, will use trickery to get out of things. and speaks her mind.
    Description: 5'5 with peach colored skin and a scrawny build. She has bright green eyes and long red hair that's put into a ponytail.
    Color of wings: They are very bat like
    Weapon: a sword and a hand gun
    Username: Frost bite88

    Power holders

    For Powerholder
    Name: Crystal Fèforte
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cold, Intelligent, quiet, distrusting, and dislikes company
    Description: 5'1 and with pale skin and a lean build. She has icy aqua eyes and black hair that reaches the middle of her back.
    Power(up to four): Can control and make ice, can control and make water, and can and make mist and fog, and can turn into arctic animals
    History: TBR
    Weapon: Mainly uses her powers but she does have two daggers she'll use rarely
    Username: Frost bite88

    For Powerholder
    Name: Nico Oscuro
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Silent, avoids trouble and others as much as possible, sneaky, and smart
    Description: 5'8 with dark tan skin and has a skinny build. He has warm light drown eyes and messy dark brown hair.
    Power(up to four): Can control and become darkness and shadows, can shape shift into animals, can teleport, and can make illusions.
    Weapon: Mainly relies on his powers but has a pocket knife and a sling shot.
    Username: Frost bite88

    Name:Maggie Tanakana
    Personality:Kind, loving she can be snappy and cold at times, Loyal brave she is very smart
    Descripson:[​IMG] she wears ragged and torn jeans and a black T-shirt
    Power(up to four):She can control the forces of nature(Water, air plants, animals)and speak to animals.
    History:Luna is her sister.The rest unknow.
    Weapon:A hand gun
    Other:when she speaks to plants and animals, it a languaged only she, other people like here and the creature understands.

    Personality:Dark, misunderstood.Kind
    Description:Bloand hair great with.Phtoto in RP
    Power(up to four):to shift into any creature or plant She desires.

    For Powerholder
    Name:Tia Fèforte
    Personality:Kind, loving, funny, smart, determined.
    Description:Tia is 5'5" and has long VERY VERY light pink dyed hair with a few white streaks and she Normaly keeps it in a ponytail.She has amber eyes and red lips.
    Power(up to four):Talking to animals, and being able to heal herself and others almost instantly
    History:TBR.The only thing that is know about her is that Crystal is her sister(Is that ok @Frost bite88 ?)
    Weapon:A long sword and a small hand gun.

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