Our Diy Homemade Trough Chicken Feeder

By Red Barn Farms · Jun 25, 2012 · Updated Oct 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Red Barn Farms

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  1. Red Barn Farms
    Thanks for your comments. HEChicken is right, I goofed up when I said it's 1/4". After looking close it is 1/2" plywood. Time to edit this page, lol. I only use it for my full grown chickens. You could always make one much smaller for small chicks. I actually did make a feed trough that fits in the brooder. My hens should start laying around Oct.
  2. HEChicken
    I really like this - hope you won't mind if I copy it? A comment and a question though. Comment: You said it was made from 1/4" plywood. Are you sure? It really looks like it is at least 1/2" and possibly even 3/4". And the question: have you had chicks in the flock since you made this? I like my broodies to raise chicks so I sometimes have quite small chicks eating with the big girls and while I don't think they'd have any trouble getting into the feeder, they would likely also poop there while they were at it. Have you not had that problem? I guess it would be temporary anyway, until they grow too big to fit.
  3. canesisters
    What a great idea! I'm just about ready to switch my girls from their baby 1qt feeders to something that with more volume. My girls have ALWAYS scooped their feed and made a mess. This looks like a good solution to the problem.
  4. reereechickens
    Wow! That looks great! Better than the crappy feeder from the stores!

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