Our Easter Egger Chickens

By Dawn419 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Dawn419
    Our 5 EE's arrived on May 14, 2007 from MMH. We love their coloration and distinctive personalities. The 40-something year-old kids in us are looking forward to our first "Easter Eggs". They live in our main coop with our 5 Mottled Cochins, 3 Silver Sebrights, 2 Black Tailed Buff Japs and our Silver Spangled Hamburg.
    1 week old:

    1560_jamaica_1_wk.jpg 1560_lacy_1_wk.jpg 1560_geezer_1_wk.jpg

    2 - 3 weeks old:
    1560_j_at_2_weeks.jpg 1560_lacy_2_weeks.jpg 1560_g_3_weeks.jpg

    Here they are at 25 and a half weeks old. Click on thumbnails for enlargements.
    The Girls (from left to right): Goldie, Jamaica and Lacey:

    The Boys, Geezer and Buckwheat:
    PB074482.jpg PB074478.jpg
    "The Girls" began laying between 21 and 22 weeks old. Goldie lays pretty olive green eggs, Jamaica and Lacey's eggs have a blue-green tint to them.
    View attachment 1076929
    Here's an album of their baby pictures, on up to present day. Chicken Breeds
    I will keep updating this page as they mature.
    Thanks for stopping by and checkin' out our flock!
    Dawn & Skip

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  1. Evelyn's Mom
    I love my EE, Evelyn! She's such a sweetie and I love her honky voice and her green eggs:) THanks for sharing yours!

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