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  1. My Little Sister's Farm
    Greetings All!
    You may be wondering how I came up with the name "My Little Sister's Farm." I wanted everyone who bought my eggs to feel a sense of family when they purchased my eggs. We are a hobby farm, we do it for the fun and the love, definitely not for the money. When someone asks, and I hope they will, "Jane, where did you get these delicious eggs?" I hope a warm familial feeling will overcome "Jane" when she says "Oh, My Little Sister's Farm." I hope to be a participant in uniting our community, not dividing us, so if someone feels more welcome in our town because my farm is welcoming, then I have done my job!!! That and I am the little sister, so it isn't a lie. It seems to work well for us.
    We have Barred Rocks and EEs. My passion is for the green eggs. I hae been breeding green egg layers for a long time now. I haven't bought a green egg layer in 4 generations. I started breeding my own "strain" focusing on egg color and temperment. My focus was to create a "hybrid hybrid" like the smart car of green egg layers. I don't incubate any brown eggs and I focus on breeding the bluest as well, although I do love a good olive now and then.
    January '11 we established the farm as a real business so even though we don't make money most years, haven't had a positive year yet, we are hoping that the farm will someday soon make some money to get real processing equipment and an egg washer ($11k for the smallest model, oy!). Can't blame the girls though, they are a-layin' away.
    We just moved out chickens to a new coop 2 years ago. It was a huge move and a great opportunity to build my dream coop out of an old shop! We really want to breed a heritage breed from the preservation threatened list but can't decide right now which one. We have 2 "pens" that include out door runs and allow for pure and focused breedings. We've raised turkeys for the past 2 years and meat chickens this year, but the market doesn't seem to be there at the Forest Grove Farmer's Market. We probably won't raise either again for non-personal use. The price of feed makes the price of the product unrealistic for a lot of people I think.
    I have been teaching Backyard Chicken Raising courses for a few years now throu Portland Community College and on our farm. I'd love to teach this more often but I think we live too far from Portland to get a lot of interest.
    Check up out at www.facebook.com/lilsisfarm. Thanks for checking out my page!!!

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