Our First Chicken Coop Build!

By EMMYTR0N · Apr 8, 2019 · ·
    After a lot of hard work, our first chicken coop is complete! Our eight pullets are now 6 weeks old and have moved into their new home.

    This raised coop is 4'x6' and nearly 6 foot tall. The interior totals 27 sq.ft. if you include the 3 exterior nesting boxes. The attached run is built from 2x4 pine lumber and is 120 sq.ft. 16g. Hardware cloth surrounds the run and is buried and skirted along the run in a 12" deep trench and then covered with mulch. The run is topped with 1" chicken wire to protect against aerial predators.

    There is 4 sq.ft. of ventilation under the roof overhang in addition to the vent near the coop floor. We also have a large clean-out door and two smaller doors attached to it for an extra 2 sq.ft. of ventilation if needed. All openings are covered with hardware cloth.

    DSC_1283.jpg DSC_1285.jpg DSC_1280.jpg DSC_1289.jpg DSC_1293.jpg

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    I've always had a fear of birds... :lau

    We designed & built our first coop over the course of 4 months before bringing home our first flock of chickens in February of 2019!

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  1. N F C
    Very pretty coop! I like the barn quilt too :)
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