Our garden hens in a lovely autumn rain

By TXchickmum · Oct 14, 2013 · ·
  1. TXchickmum
    [​IMG] -our sweet li'l red hen after fluffing the rain from her feathers!
    [​IMG] -gals scratching about in some fresh coastal hay. -best way to control mud in the run on a rainy day.
    [​IMG] -enjoying the misty rain!
    [​IMG] -precious bantam hens in their little nook. (Our OEGB prefers to stay indoors during the showers)
    [​IMG] -our Buff Orpington, Australorp, and OEGB watch the weather from indoors
    [​IMG] -fresh pots of lavender provide wonderful fragrance for the coop
    [​IMG] -roses are in full bloom, exuding lovely aroma! -gals regularly seek cover in the rose gardens.
    [​IMG] -the ol' fake owl in the herb patch! ...and the hawks aren't fooled one bit.

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  1. Nutcase
    Thanks for posting, it's great! :)
  2. featherweightmn
    Our Girls love the rain too, LOL
  3. chickenboy190
    Awesome chickens! High Five! :~D

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