Meet our girls. In order from left to right: Sophie, Brigitta, Nona and Marguerite.

Sophie is my sweet one, always gentle and ready for a pat. Brigitta is endlessly curious and very brave; the first to embark upon anything and a bit cheeky. Nona was the cutest chick of them all and is still a little petite hen. And Marguerite, very ladylike; expecting refinement, she is the most sophisticated chicken I have ever met and has exceedingly good manners.
My how they have grown! A recap:
Week one

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Look how much they have grown! They are developing their combs-

And their drumsticks! Although we never call them that except in jest for these are strictly egg laying chooks... but funny little legs and feet nonetheless.

Sam's friend Lola came over for dinner with her folks and Sam had fun showing her his little chickens. Not to anthropomorphize animals but I swear he is as proud as Ethan and I!

Our funny little chickie babies are not so little anymore! Definitely in their awkward stage but still adorable to us.