Our Girls And The New Chicks In Town

  1. elizahighvoltag
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    We bought 8 Rhode Island Red chicks from the local Agway 3 years ago this May. We thought we might lose one or two and were planning on raising six. I guess we did better than we expected because all eight are full grown chickens. We built a coop out of a large dog house we had, our Akita never used it. Then my handy husband built an enclosure attached to the coop. That is on an old concrete pad that was here when we bought this property. This month my husband went shopping and found a new "toy" store for guys like him, Tractor Warehouse. He came home with nine more chicks! So here we go again, he plans to turn the enclosure into a coop and build a new expanded enclosure. Good thing he is very good with projects like this.

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