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  1. LeiaLayers5
    [​IMG]Introducing Mr. Lahey.....
    [​IMG]This was our first egg!
    [​IMG]and Julian.....

    These are our first flock members and are 3 GC. My Fiancee named them after a show he liked. He decided after moving into our first home that since we had a bit of land that he always had wanted to try chickens and I skeptically went along with it. I helped him put together the coop and the run and we went and picked up the chickens and against my initial judgement, I got hooked on checking for eggs, watching them check out the coop for the first time and seeing them put themselves to bed and so forth. I got so caught up that within a couple of weeks of getting these three I talked my fiancee into letting me get 2 EEs to add to our flock. We have not added them yet, the breeder is keeping them a couple of weeks so we could add an addition to the run and coop so we can slowly introduce them. I will add Coop pics later. I am really excited to add to our flock and get more variety with our eggs! Our girls love free ranging and we try to let them out for a bit every chance we get. Would love any input any more experienced Chicken parents have for us!

    We just brought home the EEs! They are a bit timid so far but like being held and are about a month short of laying our breeder said. The other girls were making quite a bit of noise in response to the new additions but so far they can only see them and not interact with them. Hoping the integration goes smoothly or at least relatively. Here are our new girls:
    [​IMG]Standing up is Furiosa and laying down is Artemis

    [​IMG]Artemis in front and Furiosa in back
    I got to name these two girls and we recently saw the new Mad Max movie so I had to name one Furiosa haha. Artemis I just always liked because I love greek mythology. Aren't they cute?
    [​IMG]This was the first coop we built and which housed the 3 GCs. Since bringing home 2 more EEs, we have started building a new, bigger Coop/run setup to house the current five girls and 2 more CMs that are getting brought home later this week. The new coop setup is a repurposed above ground pool area where we tore down the pool itself and kept about half of the surrounding deck to frame out and build on to create the new living space for our girls. Currently it is completely fenced in with hardware wire 5-8 feet all the way around. We are going to use aviary netting to enclose the run portion that is not enclosed by decking. [​IMG]We repurposed some of the pool shell to create the roof, as well as deck boards that we took down from deck that we deconstructed.

    [​IMG]This is showing wall frames of new coop before he put on plywood siding.

    [​IMG]This is Coop setup prior to completing fencing and before he framed up the coop to add siding but it shows the size of the new setup pretty well. I will add more pictures as we progress.

    Update: [​IMG] Our new Cuckoos! Larger bearded one is Minerva and smaller unbearded is Iris. Update: Nearly all our girls are laying minus Iris now. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. crazyfeathers
    Im glad you are enjoying your girls. Chickens are wonderful! We have expanded our coops and runs more times than i care to admit, chicken math is a real thing lol. Love EE chickens, there are such beautiful colors so choose from. Good luck.

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