Our Growing Flock

  1. The Huffs Chics
    [​IMG] Our Little man Lounging Around in the sun (Gold Laced Wyandotte)

    [​IMG] Rotten Wyandottes
    [​IMG] Little Wyandotte Hen Standing Proud

    [​IMG] Our Little Man (Gold Laced Wyandotte) Is all grown up now

    [​IMG] He stands proud by his ladies

    [​IMG] A new little Marans rooster

    [​IMG] He Is very proud of his flock

    [​IMG] Our "Momma Hen" as shes named who at appx 6 months old still hasn't given us and egg

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  1. lightchick
    Beautiful flock! Rooster is stunning!
  2. Free as a Bird
    They are beautiful! I had a sliver laced wyandotte; they are so sweet!

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