Our Happy Chicks


Meet Our Happy Chicks
My loving husband and son went out for a "boys" day and came back with these cute lil'chicks on April 10, 2011. They were aprox 1-2 weeks old from what we have gathered when they were brought home. We have NO earthly clue as to if we have little girls or little boys in this bunch...We know we have 2 turkins for sure, 2 possible RIR's, and 2 TBD chicks. We haven't raised chickens before, so we are in for a learning experience. We have of course named our new additions. The Black Turkin is named Turkey, The Buff colored turkin we have named Lurkey. The 2 possible RIR's are named The Twins. The black chick with the most yellow on its head *was* Marshmallow (RIP MARSHMALLOW you will be missed)...and the smallest black chick is named Sleepy. My son is so thrilled to have his "peeps" (as he calls them) that he asked us to check on them EVERY hour when he was at school. A few days later he changed his mind and wanted them checked every 10 minutes :). It is currently May 21, 2011 and they have officially been out in their coop for about a week or so. We still need to build their run, but for now we let them free roam in our back yard, under carefull eye, and then they go back into the coop for safe keeping. We have some very large birds that are flying around waiting for the right moment, so untill the run is complete they will not be left alone. We have been watching them grow and noticed that ONE of the chicks (Lurkey's) comb is completely different than all the others. I dont know if that means anything but i guess we shall see in time.


October 2, 2011
Our peeps have grown up, and are happy to announce that we only have 1 rooster out of our bunch. I was dreading having to give up any of my chickens. Sleepy is our rooster. He turned out to be such a handsome boy. The Turkins( Lurkey and Turkey) are very quick/skiddish no matter how much love and attention i give them...and "The TWINS" our RIR's.....now have individual names now that we can tell them apart. Roxy and Foxy. The Rooster Just finally started to find his cock-a-doodle about 3 weeks ago...and he loves hearing the sound of his own voice LOL. Just in the past 2 weeks the girls have started to lay eggs. Im not sure who all exactly is providing the yummy eggs...but i know for sure roxy is. She is the only one that i have seen in the nest box. Ive only had to doctor one chicken so far and it was nothing major. Lurkey i guess was in the bottom of the pecking order, and got a decent cut on her neck..so i brought her inside and cleaned her up and got her back to normal and everything has been fine since. :) My husband was worried about Sleepy the rooster, being aggressive twards us. So far Sleepy is a sweet heart. Hasnt gotten aggressive yet. The #1 thing i love about my chickens is hand feeding them. I keep a bowl of food in the run at all times but when i let them out to free range everyday..the first thing i do is handfeed them...Ill check on them through out the day..just because i can lol...ill get some of the food or grass and let them eat out of my hand...I give them a treat every now and again...but i dont like to give them "Junk Food"...I just spoil them with love and affection. If i take off and run across the yard....lol...they will run with me.