Picture credits go to 77Horses!

Hello! This is my page all about our chickens and their flocks! I have owned and raised chickens for about 5 years now. We have a variety of chickens, starting with Cochins. Our rooster is a Splash Cochin and he breeds with our Buff Orpington hen and Amaraconna hen and their chicks turn out either white, tan, grey, or black. Sometimes they are mixed! We also have Red Stars and Rhode Island Reds! We have a Rhode Island Red rooster who is 4 years old, he is our oldest rooster. He breeded with a Red Star hen and the chick who is now grown up turned out to be a Red Star rooster with white spots, he is very pretty. We have had orange colored roosters, grey and black roosters, and brown roosters. Like i said before, we have a variety of chickens, and here is where u can see them! Enjoy!! :)

Setherina, and half of Foghorn(rooster)!

Left to right: Linda and Cinnamon(R.I.P), and Marty!

Raven! (Isn't she pretty?)

Buff hens: (Left to right) Caramel(R.I.P), Setherina. Middle: Foghorn(rooster)

Juno! (rooster)

Ivory! (rooster) :

Ivory and May

Ivory and Jasmine


Ivory stalking

Now...some pictures of our Red Stars and Rhode Island Reds!

Left to right: Abby, Marty, Cinnamon(R.I.P), and Suzy(R.I.P)


Left to right: Abby, Suzy(RIP), Marty, Linda(RIP), Cinnamon(RIP)
One of my faves!

(mother)Pumpkin(RIP), May.

Left to right: Setherina, Caramel(RIP), Cinnamon(RIP), Linda(RIP).
Setherina and Caramel are Buffs. Cinnamon and Linda were Red Stars.