Hello from beautiful Oregon

We live in rural Yamhill County, between McMinnville and Sheridan. We have 10 acres in a beautiful little valley, bordered by two year-round creeks. It is heaven on earth, and we love it.
We just finished constructing our coop, and received our first order of chicks from McMurray Hatchery. We ordered 12 Rhode Island Red laying hens, and 3 Rhode Island Red roosters (though, we'll only keep 1). The hatchery threw in 1 'rare' chick (haven't been able to determine the breed yet), and they sent an extra Rhode Island Red rooster. We also received 15 male Jumbo Cornish Cross meat birds.
We have photos of the progress of our first batch of chicks uploaded here:
We have photos of our coop construction here:
Click here to see videos of our chicks in progress:
We'll update the photo albums along the way.
We are looking forward to our first farm-fresh eggs and fryers, and making friends at BYC along the way!
Danny, Janine, Zachary (11), and Skipper (yellow lab)