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  1. First-time-raising
    We just received the new addition to our Family on 10/19, 13 female baby chickens This is something completely new to us. We thought it would be fun to start raising chickens for their eggs and just the plain joy of it, plus my wife and I are hoping it will give our 3 1/2 year old daughter some understanding & responsibility in taking care of them. We all love them and think they are so cute.( They join my wife and I both age 31, Our daughter Lydia age 3 1/2, And Laycee our yellow lab age 9. )
    This is our 2 year old nephew and almost 4 year old daughter standing in the coop.

    PA220052Resize.gif PA220073Resize.gif
    This is our Pearl White Leghorn at about a week old ( Our daughter's favorite )

    Wow!! They grow and change so fast. Our 4 week old Pearl White Leghorn.
    PA220044Resize.gif PA220043Resize.gif
    This is DW's favorite chick at about a week old. ( We call her Big Red )

    Here's Big Red at around 4 weeks old, Wonderin why I'm holding that strange thing up to my face.
    Here's Big Red taking a gaint leap from my hands. My DW just happen to snap this photo.
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