Our humble coop - for 4 chickens.

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  1. Aussie-Chook
    [​IMG] Before ... we have a walk out basement, under a narrow deck. The pile of dirt is actually dirt & shale fragments ... dug out from under our house by a groundhog!

    [​IMG] Cleaned out all the junk & started construction on coop ... floor approx. 4 ft x 4.5 ft. 36" high.

    [​IMG] Coop box nearing completion ... before paint.

    [​IMG] Painted inside & out. Inside ... 2 nesting buckets (4 gallon) in a 2x4 frame. Can be extended to 3 buckets if needed (only 4 chickens.) Pop door in back corner with hook latch on outside. Vent window needs chicken wire on it yet.

    [​IMG] Roost bar next to window. About an inch of sand on the floor.

    [​IMG] Ready for the chicks/pullets (now 4 weeks old) ...

    [​IMG] Heat lamp, food, water & some shredded paper for a little scratching fun (spread through the entire coop within about the first hour!) ... They love it :)

    Now for the run (under and next to it on pop-door side) ... got my work cut out for me - uneven ground!! In the meantime, they will enjoy yard-time in a large dog-crate :)

    [​IMG] UPDATE: Homemade waterer ... Gallon juice jug with a 1/2" hole cut about an inch from the bottom sitting in a 2" deep plant pot base ... water gurgles out as the water level drops. (I block the hole with my finger when filling until I can cap the bottle.)

    [​IMG] UPDATE: Homemade feeder ... Oatmeal canister with four large holes cut about a 1/2 inch from the bottom sitting in square a plastic ziploc container (holes face each corner) ... all of that sitting on an upside-down cup holder, on a 4 gallon bucket lid to elevate it and reduce poop in the food (and it works!) Holds 2 pound of feed I think. Made an additional feeder made from large peanut can for outside :)

    [​IMG]Sunshine is happy ... and looking for an escape route from the coop out the "people door!"

    [​IMG]Gandie is ready to run, and wondering what all the outside construction noise is about.

    [​IMG]Henry (formerly Henrietta), Fluffball & Gandie scratching around in the coop.

    [​IMG]Gandie checks out the roost bar in the coop, waiting for a place to run.

    [​IMG]All the girls on the bar, Henry on the floor (usually the other way around)

    [​IMG]UPDATE: The week prior to Memorial Day weekend. The run is done!! No thanks to the worst built deck on the planet. Every post hit the ground at a different level. But I got it done ... the last of the wire attached in the rain!

    [​IMG]Fluffball & Sunshine check out their new run ... took a little while to navigate the ladder, but they've figured it out ... fly down, walk up :)

    [​IMG] Wired in all around. The part under the coop protected from the weather :)

    [​IMG]The girls (including Henry's replacement, Peaches) Check out their new outside digs, and a bucket of treats from the garden! My chooks love cilantro, which is good, cause it self seeded everywhere this year and my family doesn't like it!

    [​IMG]I like to throw their treats (fruit, veg, scratch) under the coop and they clear it out every day! They've also figured out how to dust bathe in shale & dirt :) 4 happy hens. 4 happy owners :) Now for a hanging feeder & waterer.

    UPDATE: What I would do differently next time around ...
    • Freestanding, moveable coop/run not attached to a deck ;)
    • Deep litter method in coop (pine shavings & sprinkling of DE) from the start. BEST METHOD for poop management, odor management, time management (I clean it every 3-4 months now, as opposed to daily with sand!)
    • Nipple waterer
    • Build it bigger, with room to add more chickens ;) (currently in the works! - new location)

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    I hope you got rid of the groundhog! Looks great though. Could use more description.


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    Great coop! Very creative use of the space and the feeder and waterer are awesome!
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