Our Little Flock - South Georgia

  1. AndrewAmason
    Our Delaware Rooster
    His Little Hen

    The Rest of the Girls
    Our White Americauna
    Our Red Sexlink
    The Barred Rock & our Americauna Roxanne
    Big Bertha our other Brown Americauna

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  1. Wyandottes7
    Very beautiful birds!
  2. Charlcie
    FYI...I guess I missed that the other Delaware pics were NOT the same as the first. Definitely a roo and quite beautiful. :)
  3. ChickenAndMore
    Beautiful birds
  4. Charlcie
    All your birds are beautiful, including the Delaware, but are you sure that's a roo? Looks like a pullet to me.
  5. 4H gal
    Luv them!!!
  6. chickenlily13
    Looks like hen- nice!
  7. CinnamonQueen
    Nice flock! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  8. cluckcluckluke
  9. adni02
    Love them
  10. Henlee
    Love the photo of the roo. Thanks so much for sharing.

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