We moved to our new house and mini ranch in December of 2008, its located in Pendleton, Oregon. Our Geese, Turkeys, Chickens, Horses, Dog and Koi's are all doing well. Here are a few pictures of our newest babies. Had to hatch four little Embden Geese last year, because Momma Goose left the nest after two goosling hatched, I took the rest and stuck them into a brooder four hatched, but we lost one, the other three are doing well. The two babies that were born outside are also doing well.
It was a riot because our Boxer girl thought they were her babies and licked their bum's each time they poohed, or cleaned their peak after they ate. The hatchlings loved to swim in the koi pond that hubby dug in the spring of 2009. By the time that picture of Bella and the hatchlings were taken they were a little over 3 month old.
We inherited a Parrot after Mom passed his name is Harvey, so my husband build a beautiful aviary out of an old dog kennel for both Harvey and Dude our grey Cockatiel, they both love being outside from about May to mid September.
Our Turkey's and Chickens are at home in their new surroundings too and its so much fun to watch them run, play and peck at everything they see.