Our New Baby Chicks

By lydzchix · Aug 1, 2014 · Updated Aug 1, 2014 · ·
  1. lydzchix
    They finally arrived. Six fuzzy, chirping babies at the post office from My Pet Chicken. These pictures were taken at eleven days old.

    This is Georgette, my Silver-laced Polish. She is the smartest and friendliest of the bunch. She runs to my hand when I put it in the brooder box. She also figured on the chicken nipple waterer before the rest


    Opal is my Easter Egger and is the biggest of the bunch. I hope it's because she is a few hours older and she's not a roo! She is a big cuddler and her wings are longer than the rest already.


    Miss Betty is a Black Austrlorp. She is so cute with her fuzzy white rear.


    Dottie is a Golden-laced Wyandotte. She looks like she has mascara on her eyes.


    This is Cornflake, my Welsummer. I named her that because that breed was on the Kellogg's cornflake box.
    She like to jump in my hand when I have food and scratch around in it.


    And then we have Goldie, my Buff Orpiington. She is the shy and reserved one in the bunch. She hangs back to see what the others do first.


    Here are some more pictures of all of them in action in the brooder box.


    I hope you enjoyed seeing my babies!

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  1. ChickenLife
    I love baby pictures and tells me a lot of what your chickens are going to be like when they get their feathers. Your babies are so cute.
  2. EmeraldRuby
    Opal is really cute!
  3. Chickenchick11
    Aww they are so cute. I love Cornflake, she's adorable.

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