Our New Chicken Coop

By mkbydesigns · Aug 3, 2015 · Updated Aug 4, 2015 ·
  1. mkbydesigns
    Hi Everyone.....

    My Husband and I decided to raise a few chickens in our backyard...We ordered 3 and to our surprise when we opened the box there were 5 beautiful fluffy Buff Orpingtons...Hoping we received all girls!!! However prior to ordering our babies we looked for a suitable building for the girls to call home.

    We ended up finding a 6 x 8 shed and made our own revisions to it...So we put it together, we re painted it, added vintage windows, vintage hinges, vintage crates for nesting boxes, tin roof , automatic coop door and lighting. Also found the perfect Rooster hanging by the front coop door to protect our girls.

    Then we needed a run...i searched and searched, we would going to build one but i finally found one on the internet and couldn't be happier and will know the girls will be safe and sound. The run is 4 x 12 made of heavy metal and predator proof.




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  1. mkbydesigns
    Yorkshire Coop.. Thank you so much & the girls (or at least i hope they are all girls) are doing great, running around and trying to fly at 3 weeks old and they seem to love eating cottage cheese.
  2. Yorkshire Coop
    Lovely coop and adorable chicks!!
  3. mkbydesigns
    Thank you MsDejesus1....We are still adding to it and still figuring things out, we never thought we would have ever owned chickens in our life time, but they are fun and we love them...
  4. MsDejesus1

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