Still in progress. My husband is doing all the building, and I'm doing all the cosmetics. I was very specific on what I wanted/needed as far as function and ease of cleaning, though my husband made a few changes he did keep my requests in his build. One end has a storage space for all their feed etc.

I don't have a total cost yet, but once I tally everything up I will include the prices. I have been funding the project from saved tips earned at work. Some supplies were bought months ago if found on sale (shingles $5 a bundle at lowes) I would say so far one of the biggest costs was in the framing and the hardware.

My 9 year old daughter has been in charge of the interior design of the walls (I wanted to paint for easy cleaning ($9 gallon of miss tint paint in purple wouldn't have been my top choice, but hey it was a bargain and better than the dark brown they had on the shelf)

The run has been added, you'll see a tarp in the photo that was used temporarily as shade. We are adding metal roof panels and have added a shade cloth. We're also gettind sand hauled in. I will add an updated photo once complete.

Roosts have been added with a poop tray frame, and 1/4 inch hardware cloth has been added on the window. We also buried the wire around the bottom of the house.

The dimensions for the main part (not including nest box area) are 4'x8' lenth, 4' wide and a little over 4'high inside the house. My storage area is about 2'wide by 4' deep. So the actual living space is more like 4'x6' plus the nest box area (3 nest boxes coming off the side. The run is 12'wide x 22' long. We used 1/4" harware cloth for the lower 4' portion of the run.

I will add more photos as we complete the project.

Currently housing 14- 9 week old chicks, but in the end I will be housing 6 hens. Free range when we're home.

20180527_180601.jpg 20180527_180702.jpg 20180527_180541.jpg 20180527_180551.jpg 20180527_180605.jpg 20180527_180619.jpg 20180527_180639.jpg 20180527_180557.jpg