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By Sue331828 · Sep 21, 2012 · Updated Sep 21, 2012 · ·
  1. Sue331828
    I had wanted chickens forever. Well I got my wish this year. We now have 12 beautiful ladies living in our more homemade coop. All are tame and the kids love them. They are adorable and funny to watch. They have amusing personalities. My little girl spends time inside the coop with them. She holds each one and they love it. They love to snuggle, love to be petted, and greet us. Our ladies are now 5 weeks old and are getting so big. There feathers are so silky soft. I can't imagine not having them and cannot wait until they are laying. They are a dekalb/rir hybrid. [​IMG] All 12 of our ladies waited on top of their brooder when we started to transfer them to there new home outside. It was as if they new. [​IMG] My daughter with Angel. [​IMG] Best treat [​IMG] The nearly finished coop. This can be finished around our ladies. A few changes to be made, some decorating touches and to secure the pen. Once this done chickens can roam the land which they are eager to do. [​IMG]

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  1. LoveChickens123
    so cute love your chickens

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