Our New Incubator From 2010

By Jenlyn9483 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Jenlyn9483
    This is the Main incubator we use to incubate almost all of our eggs. It's a pretty large ice chest cooler we converted. It has two light fixtures with 40 watt bulbs. You can use the kind from a lamp or if your incubator is big enuff you can just buy the ceramic light fixtures and electrical cord. We have done both. Also in this incubator I mounted a regular high powered desk fan as you can see. In my smaller ones i have small PC fans. The window at the top is a hole we cut in it with a jig saw and then taped a glass from an 8x10 picture frame. The holes we cut to run the cords through we made oversized so fresh air and oxygen could be circulated in by the fan. The digital thermostat is the second one we purchased the first one was from ebay and was $50.00 we still have the second one of those on our smaller cooler incubator. The one we had on the large one malfunctioned and cost me 250 eggs so we replaced with this one. It was $27.00 shipping included from hong kong. It came with a wiring diagram to hook up to your light cords. It mounts to the outside of the bator and has a probe on the end of a cord so it can be inserted inside. This way humidity does not short out the electronics in it. This thermostat was specifically made to maintain temps with a very small variance. Your variance is also ajustable according to your specifications. I have mine set at .3 degrees and it has stayed between 99.6 and 100.00 degrees. It only reads in celsius so you want to set it between 37.7 deg C and 38.0 deg C. I have a Egg-o-meter thermometer adn another digital thermometer inside to keep track of temps and humidity and highs and lows.

    we put new metal hinges on this too because I open it so much
    [​IMG]the end of the black cord is the probe for the thermostat[​IMG]
    The end where the fan is, notice the oversized whole where the cord goes and the other holes drilled in the sides for air
    This is the first one we made when we first moved here. It has gone through SEVERAL thermostats it still has the $50.00 model on it. It's no where near as constant or easy as the new one on the big incubator.[​IMG] I use this smaller one and my hovabator as a hatcher pimarily. Which is what it was doing today
    [​IMG]im looking for some of that really small wire mesh to put a rack in here so I can make the water troughs underneath so I dont have to do all the cups and sponges. So far 25 i have pulled out of here today as you can see not even half done. They are still going.
    The thermostat on this one.
    this picture shows the lights are lamp fixtures that we mounted from the lid and it also shows the pc fan in their
    [​IMG] Hope you enjoyed this! Happy Hatching!

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