On July 21st, 2009, we got the phone call we've been waiting for from the post office. Our babies were here! We were so excited. My boys and I immediately jumped into the van and headed to town. We brought home our 5 little girls and got them settled in their brooder box. Below you can see how I've set it up in our bathroom. I cut out the top of a plastic storage tub and used nuts and bolts to attach hardware cloth to the opening. My husband used scrap lumber from our coop project to make a stand for the heat lamp to hang from. You can't see it in the photo but there is another piece of 2X4 on top that the lamp hangs from.

Here is what we saw when we opened our box. Five little chicks all cuddled together. I was so relieved that they were all alive and seemed to be healthy.

They all quickly acclimated to their brooder box. I have paper towels down on top of cotton seed hull bedding. After they are a little bigger, I'll remove the towels. They all started eating and drinking almost right away.

Here is the one that I THINK is a Rhode Island Red. They are so soft and when I held each one individually and stroked their heads, they each closed their eyes and cuddled right down into my hand. I'm in love!