Our Small Louisiana Chicken Farm

By averagetallguy · Jul 2, 2013 · Updated Jul 2, 2013 · ·
  1. averagetallguy
    Ok...So it's not really a farm. We only have one acre, but we love our chickens. We have 6 Red Stars (correct me if they are not) that are 5 months old, two Dark Cornish (one rooster named Tom), and two other hens we haven't identified yet (a dark red bird and a golden bird). We also have 9 cornish rocks right now too. Here are some of our pictures.

    This girl decided to jump up on my wife's chair and started cackling to my wife for the longest time. Just a little majestic pose for the people.


    It was a gorgeous night.


    Not having it...


    So here was our first full dozen of eggs. We've been getting 3 a day for about 2 weeks now but finally 5 on July 1. We eat them faster than we can keep them but this is the first collective dozen.


    Here are the hens a few months ago.


    Here are the cornish rocks the day we got them 2 weeks ago. This is our second set. Started with 10 but sadly one didn't make it.


    Here are the cornish rocks at 2 weeks. So ugly they are cute.

    So that is what I have for now. Im so proud of my little flock. The pictures are not of all that we have but I tend not to take a lot of pictures. Raising chickens has done our hearts some good.

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  1. Whittni
  2. Bowchickywowwow
    adorable farm!
  3. desertegg
    Such a nice, lush yard! Your birds look happy!

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