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Our Standards

By SunAngel · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. SunAngel
    Our collection of breeds and colors has sure grown and changed a lot since our first order of chicks in 2008 from McMurray hatchery.

    Autumn -Rhode Island Red- Born May 2008 (McMurray)
    Aurora -Easter Egger- Born May 2008 (McMurray)
    Lulu -White Crested Black Polish -Born May 2008 (McMurray)
    Sandy -Wheaten Ameraucana- Born July 2008 (peachick)
    Robyn -EE/Australorp mix- Born March 2008 (silkieluver_07)
    My special needs chicken. Was severely hurt at a couple months old, before I got her. She physically recovered, but is sight impaired and acts a little weird.

    Sadie -Splash Cochin- Born March 2009 (peachick) My Favorite!!

    Willow -Welsummer- Born April 2009 (Ideal)

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