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By tmayk · Jun 27, 2014 · Updated Jun 27, 2014 · ·
  1. tmayk
    We decided this year that we wanted to get chickens again after having every flock weve ever owned eaten by predators and we knew we needed to build a new coop 1) because the bear tore the entire back half of our old coop off 2)because we wanted to relocate it to a larger area that is less likely to have predator attacks and easier to surround with electric fencing and 3) because we needed a MUCH larger coop for our much larger flock!

    I showed my husband what I had in mind, we leveled an area in the the yard and built this thing for the least amount of money possible


    Floor made of pallets and smaller beams inbetween to join the pallets.

    Walls going up. Kids are super helpful.


    Looking down from the house. I will have a great birds eye view of the hen house!


    All the wall framing is done. The support boards are temporary and similar boards were later moved to the inside of the coop.

    We pried apart a million (or so it seemed!!) pallets to side the walls.

    Sprayed a sealer on everything. Took forever to dry!!


    Art added by our 4 year old. <3

    Overall we only had to purchase a few 2x4s, a few sheets of plywood for the floor, some of the roofing, nails/screws and door hinges. We had a lot of materials laying around, including hardware cloth, some roofing and assorted boards. We sourced our pallets from several different businesses in town, but the main pallets used for the floor and walls were from a milk co. they are stronger/thicker than other pallets. As we built this thing our neighbors started offering up supplies (spare wood, fencing, etc.) we took anything they offered up even if we didn't use it for the coop. In the process we acquired materials for our pig and goat houses and a fantastic fence for the bee boxes. We are pretty sure this is the best neighborhood ever.

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  1. Nardo
    "Pallet coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Mar 15, 2019
    Great idea and it looks well made. Be good to have some more info about inside set-up and dimensions.


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  1. msprey2g4e
    How many pallets did you use for the floor and what are dimensions now that its done? I plan to build one as well and just curious as to how big your was in comparison to what I need to build
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Love it!! Love the pics with the girls too:)
  3. childrenschicks
    The material idea is spot on to what we did. The coop design is a little different but very close! Glad to see someone else using what others don't need!! (Takes a little extra work and thought but well worth it in the end!)
  4. tatinatimom
    Awesome! Love it!!!
  5. limaro
    Beautiful! The coop, your yard, the kids and your neighbors- all beautiful. Your chickens are very lucky!
  6. yoopersue
  7. n3kms
    Nice coop. Love the art work.

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