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By ourhouse51 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ourhouse51
    HI! My name is Pam and I am a chick-a-holic. There, I have publicly admitted it!
    I live on 10 acres in SE Oklahoma with my husband, 18 year old daughter and my 6 year old grandson. This is the same house I grew up in so many years ago. We bought the place 2 years ago when my dad died, moved from town and have never regretted it!....(well maybe when I ran out of milk and had to drive 10 miles to get some!)
    Our little farm consists of 1 steer (in the freezer now)..1 red and white bull who is territorial,(sent him to the sale barn...) 2 beautiful charlais/angus/(TinkerBell) and charlais/brahman crosses,(Daisy May), 2 new roosters who have just learned to crow. One is a cross between an EE and a game cock...kind of a scary lookin guy and the other is maybe a Dom and RIR...Between them, they charm and romance the girls.....a lot of leghorns, a few Barred rocks, RIR's and a Buff Orp named ClaraBelle.I had to basically start over when the dog got out.......
    We also have Barney, the barn cat, Sam the Lab and Jack the Schaunzer along with Finely the Palomino Stud (for a little while longer) and Sugar, the Palomino Mare....and the neighbor's mini horse I can't catch to take home.....

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